Our Committee Focus 2022/23

Camden Musical Society has negotiated through its initial few years with style, despite a pandemic
which significantly impacted the performing arts. We are keener than ever to keep growing our
wonderful theatrical group which has brought joy to many, performers, crew and audiences alike.

Our main areas of focus over the 12 months (2022/23) have been:

  1. Productions: ensuring all elements are in place for successful productions (musicals or
    events), deciding on new productions
  2. Building governance: phase 2 (post initial) of building the Society’s oversight processes,
    policies and procedures
  3. Establishing fundraising: spreading our wings to better establish CMS financially to support
    future productions

Committee consists of:
Executive team
o President: Provides overall leadership and oversight for the society and a key
spokesperson for the Society
o Vice President: steps in if President unavailable and contributes to committee
o Secretary: manages / tracks Society records, correspondence from members and the
public and Society records
o Treasurer: manages finances and transactions of the Society and reports to

General committee members: contribute to oversight and decision making within the
Society, support key focus areas (above), be willing to take on tasks / projects / portfolios or
join subcommittees as the need arises.