Seussical – Auditions & Bookings

Our March 2021 production of Seussical will be the first full scale production for Camden Musical Society inc.

It is an all ages production with roles being cast from auditionees aged 8 to 100.

Audition Panel

Director – Melissa Musgrave

Musical Director – Sally Quinnell

Choreographer – Joy Pennock

Production Manager – Christina Donoghue


Seussical will commence rehearsals on Thursday 29th October.

Rehearsals will be on Tuesdays and Thursday at 745pm at Mawarra Public School Hall in Elderslie. There will be some full day Sunday rehearsals (One in November and others in February)


Seussical will be being performed at the Camden Civic Centre in March 2021. Details of performance dates at then Civic Centre are being finalised prior to Auditions however are expected to run over the three weeks from 5th to 20th March 2021.

Audition Details

You will be required to book in your audition on the Trybooking list provided at the bottom of this page.

Audition time slots are for 1.5 hours and there will be 10 auditionees in each time slot.

You will be required to do the following:

Singing – Each auditionee will be asked to sing an excerpt of a song they have prepared. The Audition panel would prefer you sing one of the songs listed against the characters that you can find HERE. If you prefer to sing a different song, you may still be asked to sing one of the excerpts on the day so please have a look at that piece of music as well. Note – all auditionees for the specified timeslot will be watching the other auditions. (You will not be allowed to stay and watch other time slots).

Characterisation – Please find approximately 10 lines of ANY Dr Seuss book. If you are going for a particular character please bear this in mind when you are choosing something to perform. You may also be asked to read something from the Seussical script but this may not be necessary.

Dancing – In the last half hour of the audition timeslot you will be shown a portion of a dance from the show by the Choreographer or Dance Captain. You will only have a short time to learn is, as you are then required to perform it as a group for the Audition panel at the end of that period before the end of the time slot.

Video Auditions

We have made video auditions an option for those who are unable to make the Sunday auditions only. Apply for video audition as per other audtitions. You will then be required to send two videos to 1) an except of the song as per the character profile HERE & 2) Characterisation reading of 10 lines from a Dr Seuss book of your choice.


Those people auditioning with a specific character in mind we ask you to prepare the excerpt from the relevant production song as per the list attached.

Dance Auditions

Please wear comfortable clothing to the auditions so that you are able to move during the dance audition component.

UPDATE – Auditionees! By request…. sneak info for dance auditions 😎

This link will give you an idea of the dance audition song, for your information only. The audition will involve the final minute (from lyrics “ from the planet of who” at time approx 2.45).

This is just so you can be familiar with the rhythm to help you along.You do NOT need to create your own dance steps to this – it will be taught on the day.

Joy ( Choreographer)


There is a reserve timeslot for callbacks if required on Tuesday 27th October at Mawarra Public School – 745pm. Zoom Dance Auditions will be held at that time as well if required for those on video auditions .


The cast will be announced by the Wednesday morning following the Sunday auditions.

There will be understudies for most characters for this production and it is the view of the Director that understudies will be offered at least one performance throughout the show run.

Covid Safe

We are a Covid Safe Organisation and are well aware of heath concerns. We work to a Covid Safe Plan and have stringent risk management strategies. We ask that if you are unwell or have attended any of the current hotspots as per the NSW Government annoucements that you do not attend the auditions or any rehearsals.

Audition Application

You are now invited to apply for an audition timeslot HERE

Further Information

Any further enquiries about auditions should be made to

Other enquiries relating to production to